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1:1 Online Life Coaching

My Online Life Coaching program is designed to assess your happiness in all areas of your life, identify your goals and how to make it happen, identify your strengths, skills, and values, identify self limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns, become more motivated to achieve your goals, and become more present in the moment so you can truly enjoy your life. We’ll begin by becoming aware of the things that are you holding you back (for example: your habits and self limiting beliefs.) We’ll then examine what’s important to and what you want out of life. We’ll make clear and specific goals and action steps, and create solutions to the problems that are holding you back. I will help you learn helpful strategies and offer you perspective, clarity, accountability, motivation and most importantly, support.

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This program can be incredibly powerful for those who are unsure what their calling is, struggle to find balance in your life, are unsatisfied with any area of your life, are wanting more out of life, need help staying motivated and focused or are unsure of how to meet your goals. If you’re ready to truly change your life and create the life of your dreams then sign up today and lets get started!  

Cost: $35/week

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