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Journal: I Believe In the Future & I Believe in Humanity

I don’t buy into the hype that the world has “gone to shit” or that people are evil.

I believe that most people are good and that one person can make a difference. I believe in the power of small acts of kindness that create ripple effects that make the world a better place.

I believe in a different future. People are waking up and a global shift in consciousness is occurring. Old ways are dying as dreamers of the world search for new answers. Our patriarchal capitalist greed driven system is broken, we need to find new ways to live, ways that are rooted in cooperation, integrity, peace and love.

I believe in our ability to think for ourselves, instead of being brainwashed our whole lives and told what to think, who to be, who to fear and what to spend our money on.

I believe if we stopped living in fear we could be more loving and accepting of others. We would take action and stand up for ourselves and for others. We wouldn’t view others as threats but friends and brothers and sisters of the human family.

I believe we don’t have to compete. If we can get over our bullshit and work as one we can achieve unimaginable things and change our current paradigm.

I believe we need to change our priorities. There’s more to life than earning money and feeling stressed all the time. We’re disconnected from our true selves and it’s making us sick and unhappy.

I believe in our natural power to manifest the lives we want and make our dreams come true if we can break free from the narratives that hold us back.

I believe we need less stuff and more living, less technology and more time in nature, less organized religion and more meditation, less small talk and more heart to heart conversations, less worshiping powerful people and more nurturing the planet.

I believe in future generations.

We have a lot of work ahead of us but things ARE changing. The world IS changing.

By reconnecting to our true selves, both individually and as a society, we can see the truth and change the world. With compassion, love and action we can and we will change everything.

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