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Self-Limiting Beliefs & How They Hold Us Back In Life

Self-limiting beliefs are negative beliefs we have about ourselves, or life, that we accept as truth that limit us and prevent us from reaching our goals. These beliefs create negative patterns in our lives and then create a reality to match. The mind will work to support these beliefs by searching for evidence that this belief is true, creating more negative self talk and emotions and will recreate negative patterns to manifest the reality we believe to be true. For example, if we say to ourselves "I'm a failure" because we failed at something, our minds will subconsciously look for all the ways that we have failed and recreate patterns to ensure we continue to fail.

Letting go of these beliefs is critical if we want to change and grow. In order to release a limiting belief we need to deconstruct it and look at it objectively by asking ourselves the following questions:

What is the belief that's holding me back?

How is it holding me back?

Why do I believe it to be true?

Where did this belief come from?

How will my life change if I let go of this belief? How will I feel?

It's important (and difficult) to then accept that the belief is actually not real and just a narrative we've been telling ourselves, or allowing other's to tell us. It's helpful to make a list of evidence of why this belief is false. We need to then replace the thought with a belief that will actually serve us by creating counter-statements to change our thought patterns. For example, instead of saying "I'm a failure", we can say "I am working hard for success that is coming my way and learning a lot along the way" or a simple; "I am successful!"

To truly release self-limiting beliefs we really need to make a commitment to be kinder to ourselves and do the work we need to do to create something different, a new and better reality. Once we are free from these negative beliefs we can radically transform ourselves and begin to live the lives we are meant to live.

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