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We Rise by Lifting Each Other Up, Not Tearing Each Other Down

Making fun of other women behind their backs won’t make us more powerful.

Comparing ourselves to other women won’t help us grow.

Looking for the worst in other women won’t help us love ourselves more.

Pointing out other women’s physical imperfections won’t make us more beautiful.

Judgment does not come from a happy or empowered place, its from a place of insecurity and powerlessness. It’s our egos looking for validation. Judgment’s only real purpose is to highlight what we need to heal in ourselves.

Lifting other women up, encouraging them, cheering them on, helping them see the best in themselves... that’s how we become empowered, that’s how we grow, that’s how we learn to love ourselves more, that’s what makes us beautiful. We rise by lifting each other up, not by tearing each other down.

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